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Valuation Services


valueKnowing what your business is worth lays the foundation for you to plan, grow, and measure the true success of your business. We provide a professional, market-based valuation of your business.


Typically, the single largest asset owned by a business owner is their company. Yet most business owners don’t know the value of their company.  Do you know the value of your business?


Our valuation services include:

  • A comprehensive valuation report, typically 25-35 pages

  • Valuation based on multiple recognized valuation techniques

  • Performed by industry professionals with years of experience

  • See an abbreviated Sample Report (click here). *Shows Table of Contents and selected data/pages for reference.




Report pricing:
Company Revenues < $ 1 million $ 1 - 3 million $ 3 - 5 million > $ 5 million  
Price $2,500 $3,000 $5,000 Call  

Listed pricing is for our standard Business Valuation Report.